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Ocean fm dating

The 1000 was designed with a cylinder dial scale that would rotate with the band switch allowing only that particular band scale to show.

Soon after the introduction of the 1000 model, a second model was added, the Royal 1000D.

The older tube-based Trans-Oceanic was continued in production until 1962. This was his last endeavor in the Trans-Oceanic radio before he died soon after its introduction.

In November 1957 the first of several transistorized Trans-Oceanics was introduced, the Royal 1000. The Royal 1000 had exactly the same frequency coverage as the A/B 600 series tube Trans-Oceanics with the addition of the 13/meter band.

The batteries are obsolete but the early T/O models live on either due to the ability to use AC line or a battery made of modern cells (6 Ds for the "A" power and 10 9 volt transistor batteries for "B") or an inverter.

The 7G605 used six tubes: 117ZG6, 3Q5, 1LN5, 1LA6, 1LN5, and 1LD5.

It had a redesigned front face and incorporated many frequency coverage and electronic changes ordered by Mc Donald. The 500 series models used five tubes: a 3V4, 1U5, (2) 1U4, and 1L6.

There also was a small production run of "militarized" Trans-Oceanic's, ordered by the U. After 1953, there was competition to the Trans-Oceanic from both Hallicrafters, with their 'Trans-World' series sets, and RCA, with their 'Strato-World' models.

The log chart was located inside the flip-down door.

The G500 held its price at less than 0 until it was withdrawn in mid-1951.

The H500 'Super Trans-Oceanic' was introduced in May 1951 at an initial price of .95.

Zenith used a selenium rectifier on later versions of the T/O, replacing rectifier tubes used on the earlier models.

Inserting the power plug into a socket on the chassis or the side of the radio (depending on model) switched the T/O to battery operation.

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Very early Royal 1000s sported a genuine leather covering marked as such.