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Monteal ault dating

It is not uninteresting to contrast the contemptuous style in which the early conveyancera were alluded to by some of the judges, with the respect and deference ultimately accorded to. The ablest men in the profession have been conveyancers.

Braithwaite 202 Thome, Ex parte 173 Tootal's Estate, Inre 51, 145 Trethewy y. Nsturalization 175 Negligence 50,144,175 ^egligence of fellow servant 50, 144 Negotiable instrument 175 2rtin K 1 Worthless Diifest 2 Unprofesiiional Advertii^ements 2 « 'ontenipt of Court— The Wilkinson Case 2 Practice of Conveyancers 4 Law Society of Ontario 5 Mechanic* Lien Lef^^fslation - 8 Dfiminion liar Society SELECTIONS : Chief Juittice Whiteside 10 Privilege of Counsel 18 The Codts of Attomeys' Letters 16 CANADA KEPORTS: Obttario : In the Exc Hit Quic R Cohrt op Ontario. When to he made 16 CUASC'BRT : He Shipman ; Wallace ▼. Defieirney ofpermnal entate—Pereonal rep- retet Uation ~ Adminietration of Justice Act 17 .\il8B18MR. Justice Morrison's opinion be correct that the application was made too late. The Quieting Titles Act per- mitii the court to receive and act upon any evidence which the practice of English conveyancers authorizes to be received on an investigation of title out of court (sec 9). One of the characteristic points of dis- tinction between conveyancers, evidence and that ordinarily adduced in courts of justice is adverted to by Strong, V. He may have been perfectly right in say- ing that the person aggrieved had, under the circumstances, no locus standi before the Court, but it is impossible to for- get the forcible words of Mr. " — let each reader answer this question for him- self. But whether this be so or not, of one thing there is no doubt, — if this case be reportetl, as we suppose it will, it will be the only one to be found in the books where .a contempt of Court so gross, and language so insult- ing and so shamelessly justified has gone unpuni^thed. Questions of real property law, many in number, and great in importance, have been settled by conveyancers, whose course of practice in the investi- gation of titles has been recognized and usually adopted by the Courts, when the like points arose for decision. Imperial Marine Insurance Company 49,143 Swire etal. Atmetirment—Hoad Comjmny — Highway — Exemption— Zi Vict., cap. Justice Morrison was led away, we venture to think, by side issues from the great principle involved. shaken ; and there is a danger that the due administration of public justicu may, in a greater or less degree, have been im paired in consequence. 232, where Lord Eldon summarises the matter by observing that a long course of practice sanctioned by professional men is often the best ex- positor of the law. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful.

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