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Mommy babysitter speed dating

Mothers can size up a literal lineup of potential workers over a cocktail-esque atmosphere, getting a feel for just the right person.Holly, a babysitter since the age of 14, attended a Mommy Mixer event in San Antonio after hearing about the service from her sister.Holly decided to look for full-time work as a nanny rather “random weekend or night babysitting jobs.” “This is a really great way to meet a lot of different moms and know exactly what schedule they are looking for and how many kids they have,” Holly tells me.“You can also specify how much you charge so moms will choose you knowing what your hourly rate is.” She describes an array of “fairly wealthy” mothers occupying the scene: working moms who need full-time help to stay-at-home mothers who need sitters part-time.I personally take a much lower key approach and assume the moms will ask me if they are interested in those things.

“One mother showed me her booklet and she had written ‘Grab her!Holly managed to rack up a few “date night” babysitting jobs at the mixer in San Antonio, but she hopes to hear about a full-time position soon.She finds Mommy Mixer to be beneficial to both nannies and mothers but recommends that nannies remain flexible when it comes to finding their perfect match of a family.Then everyone mixes and you have one-on-one time between moms and sitters.Holly found the questions from mothers to be the standard: availability, preference in age range, along with comfort with personality, mental, and developmental disorders.

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