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Middle aged dating grey matters

As a hockey player, he reached senior A, and he had stints in Petrolia, Ont., and with his hometown team.When hockey ended at 22, Corcoran found boxing and quickly developed into a national-class middleweight vying for a slot on the 1998 Commonwealth Games team.

But Buxton said a pro bout offered Corcoran much bigger rewards.“He might as well . Their September rematch ended in a majority-decision draw.Kelly, a personal trainer, endured intense rehab and was cleared to return to boxing last August.He’ll be fighting as a pro for the sixth time in 13 months Saturday.To discover in mid-life that your long-term partner is having an affair is a shocking thing, and being single again takes a lot of getting used to. I signed up to the biggest of the no-cost sites, filled in the questionnaire, posted a photograph that hinted at hidden depth and took two hours to write and polish my profile, distilling life experience and interests into nuggets, and offering fascinating glimpses of my inner world. Earlier this year, having healed sufficiently to move from vodka to wine, it occurred to me that I needed to meet new people. Gratifyingly, half an hour later I had two messages.

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It takes a lot of courage to get in the ring,” says promoter Tyler Buxton of Jay Corcoran, who decided to test himself as a boxer against professionals at the age of 46.

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