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One pro-independence party is calling for “mass civil disobedience” across the area to answer the latest Spanish moves.The CUP party has called the central government’s actions “an aggression” against all the people of Catalonia.Political observers said this decision signaled unspoken acceptance by pro-independence parties of Spain’s latest moves toward direct rule.On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of anti-independence demonstrators took to the streets of Barcelona to voice their opposition to Catalonia’s declaration.Hours later, Spain’s Senate voted to give the Spanish government the authority to take over direct rule of the northeastern area.Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy then ordered the dismissal of Catalonia’s government and removed senior Catalan police officials.Pro-independence students called for a strike at Catalan universities on Thursday to urge officials to move forward with a declaration of independence. The area held an independence referendum on October 1.

Catalonia’s parliament declared independence from Spain Friday.He accused the leaders of causing “an institutional crisis” by leading efforts to separate Catalonia from Spain. But they reportedly include Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, as well as members of his cabinet and legislative leaders in Catalonia.A Spanish government official told the Associated Press that Puigdemont had traveled to Brussels, Belgium.Spain’s national Senate is set to vote Friday on whether to enforce direct rule in Catalonia.The government has already put in effect constitutional powers to dismiss Catalan officials and call an election.

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