Mandating drug testing

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How do you know you’re making a difference by supporting cruelty-free brands? If enough of us purchase from cruelty-free brands and boycott those that test on animals, it means things are going to change.

If L’Oreal did their market research today and 98% of those interviewed claimed that they would never buy a product that was tested on animals, L’Oreal would reconsider their position. Because Since the ’90s onward, animal rights movements have started to gain traction.

Cruelty-free cosmetics differ from vegan cosmetics. Vegan cosmetics don’t contain anything that comes from an animal or is produced by an animal, but it doesn’t mean that they’re automatically cruelty-free.

Even though the definition of “cruelty-free” is universal and simple, it’s tricky to determine which brands are truly cruelty-free.

This revolution marks the end of a cruel and barbaric age, and the beginning of a new, more humane era. My position is simple: This is why it’s so important for today’s consumers to pay closer attention to which products they’re purchasing, and therefore which companies they’re supporting.

By choosing cruelty-free brands, you’re (very politely) giving the finger to the animal testing industry, and informing the beauty world that animal testing will no longer be tolerated.

A “cruelty-free” company is a company that doesn’t test its products on animals. When refering to a meal without animal products, we use the term “vegan”.

Animal testing for drugs and cosmetics exists because governments needed to establish whether or not a product or ingredient is safe for public health before allowing it on the market.

For decades, this practice has been prevalent all over the world, and has been the accepted method of testing ingredients for “safety”. Even though animal testing for cosmetics isn’t required by law in the United States, torturing animals is still widely used to determine safety.

As the cosmetics industry continued to evolve, new ingredients were constantly being discovered and used in beauty products.

This means that a huge number of cosmetic ingredients used in makeup and skincare have been, at some point, tested on animals. Together, we can transition towards a cruelty-free world, which is what I call the Cruelty-Free Revolution.

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Popular mentalities started to evolve, and organizations that aim to protect animal welfare became better known.

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