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Lost dating

In some cases, such as London After Midnight, the surviving coverage is so extensive that an entire lost film can be reconstructed scene by scene in the form of still photographs.

Stills have been used to stand in for missing footage when making new preservation prints of partially lost films. Four-hundred stills and twenty seconds of the film itself are known to have survived.

Before the eras of sound film, television and later home video, films were viewed as having little future value when their theatrical runs ended.

Thus, many were deliberately destroyed to save the space and cost of storage; many were recycled for their silver content.

Stars such as Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks enjoyed stupendous popularity, and their films were reissued over and over throughout the silent era, meaning prints of their films were likely to surface decades later. De Mille were early champions of film preservation, though Lloyd lost a good number of his silent works in a vault fire in the early 1940s.

The high-quality photographic paper prints that resulted – some produced in quantity for display use by theaters, others in smaller numbers for distribution to newspapers and magazines – have preserved imagery from many otherwise lost films.Mary Pickford's filmography is complete: her early years were spent with Griffith, and she gained control of her own productions in the late 1910s and early 1920s.She also backtracked to as many of her Zukor-controlled early Famous Players films as were salvageable.Once-popular stage actresses such as Pauline Frederick and Elsie Ferguson, who made the jump to silent films, are now largely forgotten with a minimal archive to represent their careers; fewer than 10 movies exist from Frederick's 1915–1928 work, and Ferguson has just two surviving films, one from 1919 and her only talkie from 1930. Bushman and William Desmond, had numerous film credits, but films made in their heyday are missing due to junking, neglect, or studios being defunct.This is preferable to the fate of the stage actress and Bara rival Valeska Suratt, whose entire film career has been lost. Nevertheless, unlike Suratt and Bara, these men continued working into the sound era and even into television, thus their later performances can be observed and appreciated.

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L'objectif était simplement d'orienter les nouveaux ingénieurs vers une prise de conscience de leur profession et de son importance sociale et d'encourager les ingénieurs d'expérience à assumer leur responsabilité d'accueil et de support aux nouveaux arrivants lorsqu'ils sont prêts à débuter leur pratique du génie.

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