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The vinyl comes housed in jacket created by Alex Zander for his senior art project in college in 1980.

Each LP includes a double sided 11×11 cardstock insert with lyrics and photos.

At 180m above ground, on the 42nd floor, Salvatore Cuomo Bros. There, you can enjoy the irresistible flavors of Italian Cuisine by Grand Chef Salvatore Cuomo, while comfortably looking at the magnificent view of Tokyo.

In the luxurious atmosphere and dazzling surroundings of this Italian restaurant, you can also appreciate the quality of the carefully selected products and enjoy grilled dishes like steaks, cooked in charcoal grill oven.

David Anderson left the group making xex a quartet.Located on the 42nd floor of the Mori Tower, XEX ATAGO GREEN HILLS offers a deluxe sophistication and an elegant cosmopolitan atmosphere,with a stunning view over Tokyo.The Italian restaurant "Salvatore Cuomo Bros." serves the finest Italian cuisine from the original ideas of Grand Chef Salvatore Cuomo, with the most carefully selected ingredients.They released their debut album “group: xex” in 1980 which Dark Entries reissued in 2010.We were lucky to discover the master tapes of their unreleased second album “xex:change” in Waw’s basement.

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Traditional Japanese cuisine “Washoku” has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

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