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After physiological and safety needs are met an individual can then work on meeting the need to belong and be loved.

According to Maslow, if the first two needs are not met, then an individual cannot completely love someone else.

Human culture is compelled and conditioned by pressure to belong.

The need to belong and form attachments is universal among humans.

These people are also more likely to show an increase in aiming to form new attachments. Social bonds are easily formed, without the need for favorable settings.

The need to belong is a goal-directed activity that people try to satisfy with a certain minimum number of social contacts.

He thought that it was one of 5 human needs in his hierarchy of needs, along with physiological needs, safety, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

People who form social attachments beyond that minimal amount experience less satisfaction from extra relationships, as well as more stress from terminating those extra relationships.

Relationships missing regular contact but characterized by strong feelings of commitment and intimacy also fail to satisfy the need.

Just knowing that a bond exists may be emotionally comforting, yet it would not provide a feeling of full belongingness if there is a lack of interaction between the persons.

People with a strong motivation to belong are less satisfied with their relationships and tend to be relatively lonely.

As consumers, they tend to seek the opinions of others about products and services and also attempt to influence others' opinions.

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People also effectively replace lost relationship partners by substituting them with new relationships or social environments.