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The ending reveals the last player in Crunch's plan, an old reformed colleague of his by the name of Samuel Winters, who had been paired with the Interpol agent who had been watching them at the start of the plan. 1s AF1Qip Ovsf Ubl3nak YHR1y QHHMfc Tx T5c HGt Gyl5j PNw! The website's critical consensus reads: "It boasts a terrific cast led by the always-watchable Kurt Russell and Terence Stamp, but The Art of the Steal wastes its stars on a formulaic plot that borrows too obviously from superior heist pictures." Scott A. In March 2013, the movie changed titles again, from The Fix to The Art of the Steal. It begins with a soliloquy by Crunch Calhoun as he begins a seven-year stint in a Polish prison, courtesy of his brother, Nicky Calhoun.A flashback reveals the heist involving the two men that went wrong; resulting in Nicky's capture and subsequent betrayal of Crunch.Each person names an amount they could chip in and after some persuasion, Crunch agrees to fund the remaining amount.

Nicky calls the original buyer and informs him that there will be a delay, but the buyer claims to know nothing about the deal.

Meanwhile, Guy de Cornet passes as an art authentication expert and enters the facility, replacing the real book with the forgery and hiding the real book within Crunch's art piece.

After Canadian border patrol clears Crunch's name, he goes to the facility and reclaims his art piece.

Vincent's cousin, who gave her name as Elvina, said of pensioner Mr Osborn-Brooks: 'He's a coward - he won't come out when we're here.

When other people die they put flowers, why can't we? Henry was murdered, the man who did it should be tried.' The couple have decided not to invite any political leaders both from the UK and abroad, which means that even British Prime Minister Theresa May isn't on the list.

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The team is in the process of taking the book to the buyer when Nicky persuades Crunch to keep the book and forge multiple duplicates to sell to multiple buyers at the same time, netting them several times the original payout.