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Jweish dating

To this end, attention will be focused upon that have compared groups of Jews and non-Jews and reached significant, verifiable conclusions._____________ A preliminary word of caution: A directors of research, the social scientists, are ordinary members of society, sharing its passions, opinions, and limitations as much as any midwife.In addition, unfortunately, most scientists belong to the same social class.There has been much talk of Jewish personality traits, but little study of them.Stereotypes supersede critical judgment, argument substitutes for investigation, and the whole question is enveloped in myth.

Only the social scientist, working intelligently within the boundaries of scientific discipline, can tell us which propositions are true and which are false.

Attending shul enables one to be of service to others, a mitzvah which is rewarded with Divine response to one's prayers.

put myself in a position to be of service to people who may be in need.

A recent ambitious study of the “normal man,” for instance, selected only Harvard men for analysis!

A critic has rightly remarked that “the existing science of human behavior is largely the science of the behavior of sophomores.” The field anthropologist, and sociologists such as those of the Chicago school, offer exceptions, but here, too, research has a way of being channeled into convenient grooves, and the fresh outlook is rare.

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No group of social scientists has sinned more in this manner than the psychologists, to whom we shall have to turn for most of our information on Jewish personality.

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