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Jules de martino dating

So it's obviously his look." She tuts like your grandma while De Martino – a man who today is wearing children's toy sunglasses – shakes his head. Her dad had a farm, and little Katie was mad for ballroom dancing and horses.The family couldn't afford their own but a neighbour let White and her sister ride her horses if the girls would muck out her stables.As they sat in the auditorium, their manager told them that gazillion-selling rapper Lil Wayne – a man with tattooed eyelids and diamond-studded teeth – was behind them."I had no idea who he was," recounts De Martino.

With Jools Holland, they were still largely viewed as an achingly trendy stunt band.'Hey Lil Wayne, it's Jules from the Ting Tings, pleased to meet you.' Cause we're in a foreign environment and I wanna meet people, say hello, and understand what's going on in LA or America with these American acts.And the guy just went to me, 'Yeah, yeah.' I turned back and our manager said, 'No, Lil Wayne was the guy sitting next to him.' I turned round again, stretched past the first guy and said to this other guy, 'Hi Lil Wayne, Jules from the Ting Tings, nice to meet you...' And as I'm doing it, I'm pouring my glass of champagne all down my front..." His mortified bandmate Katie White did what she does best, retreating behind a curtain of bleached-blonde hair. This time last year they were a duo known only to Manchester hipsters and the artist friends with whom they shared studios-cum-accommodation in Islington Mill, a former cotton mill in Salford.Her face and back promptly erupted in a bumpy rash.Photo sessions – of which there are many – became a nightmare of paranoia and strategic make-up. He's always had a problematic right eye – the eyelid is permanently heavy and swollen – and it gets worse if he's tired or drunk, or if the lights are too bright.

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