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Judi dench dating

It grossed million worldwide against its million budget.

Set in the Netherlands in the 17th century, during the period of the tulip mania, the film tells the story of an artist Jan (Dane De Haan) who falls for a married young woman Sophia (Alicia Vikander) while he's commissioned to paint her portrait by her husband Cornelis (Christoph Waltz).

In return for the marriage, her sisters are able to travel to New Amsterdam (New York) in the new world, where they have an aunt awaiting them.

Sophia is unhappy in the marriage, since Cornelis is not romantic and only concerned with bringing an heir to inherit his name.

Jan plots to escape to the new world - with Sophia, if possible - after having success of his own in the tulip speculation market. Ursula (the convent Sophia came from) raise tulips in their gardens.

Filmed in the summer of 2014, Tulip Fever was delayed numerous times before finally being released in the United States on September 1, 2017 by The Weinstein Company.Cornelis has his friends show him their children, and there is talk of giving the new orphan bride Sophia six months to conceive and provide him with an heir.He already suffers from a mistake he made in the past, with his previous wife: she miscarried their first child and when Cornelis asked the doctor to save the second child over the wife, he feels that God punished him by taking his wife and his child away.There a prostitute robs him of the large sum he has built up on the tulip market.When he tries to retrieve the money, he is beaten up and forcibly inducted into the navy for causing a ruckus.

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Maria realises she is pregnant by Willem, which is diastrous for her; with Willem gone, the baby will be born out of wedlock.