Jordan dating jeff

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Jordan dating jeff

So I joined and was surprised - so many letters, so many ladies!

Reality TV couple extraordinaire Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd exclusively tell Us Weekly that they quietly married last month, weeks after finding out they are expecting! “My mind was completely on wedding mode and not on baby mode — was not expecting babies for like another two years, and, yeah, so then that’s what happened." “It definitely threw us through a loop, and we were kind of like, ‘Well, we need to figure this out, because the baby is going to be born October 20,’ and I don’t want to be walking down the aisle nine months pregnant, and my dress won’t fit,” the "I said, ‘Why don’t we go on ahead and go to the courthouse, and make it legal? "And I’m more traditional anyway, so I was like, ‘I want our baby to have our same last name on the birth certificate too.’ So I was like, ' Let’s just go on ahead and get married, and then we’ll have the baby, and then next year we’ll have a wedding ceremony with all of our friends.'” On the first available date at the courthouse — March 15 — the two, who got engaged on season 16 of Big Brother in 2014, headed to the Beverly Hills courthouse to tie the knot with a handful of friends as their witnesses. “I wore my tuxedo that I wore to Lance Bass’ wedding, so I had that in the closet to wear; Jordan wore a cute little wedding dress, and afterward, we were like movie stars.

Jeffrey Michael Jordan (born November 18, 1988) is an American former basketball player who played for the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Illinois Fighting Illini.

He played high school basketball for Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois.

Nothing can do more for people in love than England, it's soooo romantic, Arthur behaved like a real gentleman and real knight!The couple — who have appeared on Big Brother, The Amazing Race and Marriage Boot Camp — were planning a wedding in Mexico for September 24, but their plans abruptly changed when Lloyd found out she was pregnant on February 22. We went to the Beverly Hills Hotel and had lunch, and then, at night, we went and got massages, and then we went to Mastro’s in Malibu for dinner.We lived the life that day.” They still have another big milestone to celebrate next week, when they find out the gender of the baby. That’s all I want, is a healthy girl,” Lloyd tells Us. ” Learning the gender of their baby will give them something to celebrate, since the newlyweds had to cancel on a Dirty Pop at Sea cruise in the Caribbean that they were planning on for next week.The current relationship status of Jeff Jordan is not known. But Diane is so understanding that the things that used to be a chore became easy. Given Name: Jeffrey Lincoln Jordan Age: 74 (7/12/1943)Occupation: Sports - Football Most Famous For: Running Back for the Washington Redskins "It's really a gypsy's life, never staying in one place...

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He is typically Nordic in color and features, though with dark hair and a dark mustache.

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