Is nick jonas dating nicole anderson in real life

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Is nick jonas dating nicole anderson in real life

Though at the start of the season she was unable to speak to the brothers without fainting, she now seems to be used to their presence, and is considered one dof their friends.

Nicole Anderson has stated in an interview that in Season Two, Macy will become the band's publicist, and can be seen working on the band's website, and making video blogs. She is commonly spotted with sports equipment in different episodes.

She runs a JONAS fan site, and has to be best at everything in school.

Her mother owns a thrift store, which she works in part time some days, as found out in Keeping it Real.

Macy Michelle Misa is a secondary dueteragonist of series and is a self-proclaimed number one JONAS "superfan".

She attends Horace Mantis Academy with the boys and Stella.

She still holds them in great admiration and even goes to the point of disguising her boyfriend Randolph as Nick before he dumps her.

In Season 2, Macy has gotten over her hero-worshipping of the boys and is truly their friend as evidenced by her attitude around the boys.

In Season 1, Macy is shown as easily excited and as an obsessive admiration, fascination and, possibly, love for the JONAS Boys.She practically worships them and is also their No.1 Top fan (self-proclaimed) and the president of their school's JONAS fanclub.She is relaxed and treats them, not as the rock stars they are, but as friends. She loves taking pictures for her blog throught the vacation.Kevin and Macy appear to develop a friendship throughout the first season, the first of the brothers to do so.

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