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This knowledge lends you a certain bloodthirsty readiness.

A constant, barely audible muttering echoes in your ears, usually beyond your comprehension.

Choose one type of weapon for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat.You can sacrifice your physical health to strengthen a spell.This process leaves you wracked with pain, but the enhanced energy you draw from the spell might provide the margin between victory and defeat.When using evil eye of the Vistani vs your oath of enmity target, you do not provoke opportunity attacks, and if no other enemy is adjacent to you, roll twice to hit and deal 1d6 extra radiant damage if you hit.The following provides a consolidated index of feats from D&D published sourcebooks.

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You have developed the technique of firing a ranged weapon into or through the water with better accuracy than normal, striking at just the right angle to allow it to slice through the obstruction with precision.

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