Insane dating katherine scott dating

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Insane dating

There are various financial benefits to doing such a thing, but it has its consequences.Job hopping can often lead to big moves across state lines or even oceans.Some couples argue over which family they’ll be spending the holidays with or if Valentine’s Day is just too commercial to celebrate.

She’s marrying her boyfriend of less than one year for the sole purpose of pumping out babies because her 30s are quickly approaching.A person doesn’t just get to walk away from a marriage without the tumultuous experience of divorce, cutting ties with mutual friends, divvying up belongings and finances.It’s a real, grown ass decision that comes with serious consequences. I sincerely don’t mean to sound judgmental when I tell my friends not to rush into marriage. The fact is, there is no perfect time to get engaged and commit to another person for life.Marriage isn’t some sort of finish line, it’s just the beginning.I’ve never understood the rush to get to that point in life. If there’s one thing millennials are known for, it’s our tendency to job hop.

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His behavior was so out of left field, many of my friends and family didn’t want to believe me when I told them why I had to break things off.

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