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His dating diary

Holt himself is a mixture of the Hyde-condition and a fire elemental, making him much more willing to break the rules and shirk responsibilities than his counterpart named Jackson. Holt, like his alter-ego Jackson, is voiced by Cindy Robinson in the English version of the cartoon.

He and Jackson do not get along very well because of this, but they do care for each other. In the Hebrew version, he's voiced by Dan Kizler, who also voices his counterpart Jackson Jekyll.

Holt Hyde is a 2010-introduced and all-around character.

Due to his mother being of the Jekyll/Hyde lineage, he has a human alter ego by the name of Jackson Jekyll.

Especially, Holt's mother is very protective of her little boy, and seeing him get hurt is something that can trigger her transformation into the mode most suited for helping him out. He's kind of like my brother, I guess." Heath Burns is not related to Holt in the books, and Holt's father is absent, leaving it unclear how much of conventional canon is canon for the Monster High books. It is not stated what side of the family his uncle is on, although it's slightly more likely he is a Jekyll/Hyde because he has no problem only seeing Jackson out.

Also according to Holt's 'Basic' diary, Holt's mother doesn't keep the same job for long and the family regularly moves to a place closer to her new job. On his Monster High website profile, he's friends with all the monsters, who in turn love his music. In one of Monster High's Facebook posts, it states that Hyde worked with Deuce to make a go-cart for the Monster Derby, so it could be assumed that Deuce is friends with both Jackson and his alter ego.

However, in Jackson Jekyll's 'Between Classes' diary, it's revealed that the trigger for Jackson's transformation has since changed, so that it is now also music as in the cartoon.

However, Ghoul Spirit states that Holt's mother is the sister of Heath's father, making the exact familial relations unclear.It's most likely a tattoo, however if it was, then Jackson would probably likely have the tattoo as well.His hair is made of flames and he has a yin-yang tattoo between his shoulders where Jackson has the tattoo on his back.In the cartoon series, it seems to be music that causes Holt/Jackson's transformation. In his 'Basic' diary, Holt's transformation into Jackson Jekyll normally occurs at sunrise and lasts until sunset.Holt noted that when he was trying to see what the town was like during the day, he blacked out at the moment of sunrise.

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He seems to really care for Frankie as much as Jackson does, and loves to make her happy.

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