Guy dating mentions ex girl

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Guy dating mentions ex girl

If a women talks about them as if they are ex-boyfriends, but still current in her life (like the most recent ex still calls or texts) than it is a subtle way of implying that her vagina is so amazing that ex-boyfriends just can't let her go and still maintain contact in the hopes of being with her again and the new guy is being warned that he needs to not make the same mistakes previous guys did or he will lose access to her magical orafice.In rare cases, a woman will mention an ex-boyfriend that is "crazy" or a "stalker" whether or not he is crazy and stalking or not, once again to let the new guy know that she is so great that without her presence their are some men that have gone "crazy" or feel the need to "stalk" her.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

I've noticed that some guys mention women they've dated in passing early on. In that case, it didnt bother me because we had a deep level of communication and we used the information to further our own relationship. At that point, he should be able to communicate his wants and desires without mentioning his past.

If they talk about an ex negatively, it is to gain sympathy from the new guy through a mild form of triangulation and make him feel special because he is so much better than the last guy.

(while leaving out what she did in the relationship to cause the ex to be that way) If they just talk about them as the result of a break-up that was the decision of the woman involved, it is to let the new guy know that she is in charge and if he does not get in line, he will be just like the losers she discarded before.

I mean, we all have history, and usually by the mid-30's hopefully at least a few long term kind of relationships.

That means that the ex's will be people that we cared about - probably deeply - at one time, that helped shape who we are.

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Some people like to hear it to try and "gauge your relationship work ethic", the funny thing being that exercise is a total crock.