Guy code dating friends sister ukrainian dating irina kiev 33

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Guy code dating friends sister

This is without a doubt the most important rule of the Guy Code, since it explains Rules #1 & #2. If you ever want sex out of her, you have to accept that.

This rule is also probably the easiest to understand: your friends always, always come before women. Fortunately, those rules are outlined in "Girl Code", which is not part of the male mantra. Forunately if you have a decent brain capable of adding 1 4 which is obviously 9 you can fool your girlfriend into believing you will actually put her at a higher position than a random guy you just became bros with.

Therefore, if you let a friend get caught cheating by his woman, even though you know about it, you and all your friends can make fun of him at a later date for how much of a douchebag and a fuck-up he is for cheating on his girlfriend, who is probably hot.

This all comes back to the original principle of male psychology: male bonding is deviated from mockery.Even though men are mean to each other for fun and for bonding purposes, stealing a romantic interest is an ass-whooping offense.For clarification, this includes when the two are not romantically involved, but your friend desires to be so.Interfering with another man's relationship goes against every impulse in a man's body.This also helps to explain why Rule #1 is in effect; telling on your friend is the same as hitting on his girl.

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In both cases, you are interfering with the balance of the relationship that your friend (or, more likely, his girlfriend) has set up.