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Literal text goes into instances of the Literal control class, and server controls are represented by instances of a specific control class.The initialization code is combined with user-written code (usually by the assembly of multiple partial classes) and results in a class specific for the page. Actual requests for the page are processed through a number of steps.These are set and initialized when the collection, are unique to each session instance. State variables are stored in a database, allowing session variables to be persisted across ASP. The main advantage of this mode is that it allows the application to balance load on a server cluster, sharing sessions between servers. NET session state enables you to store and retrieve values for a user as the user navigates ASP. The server retains no knowledge of variable values that were used during previous requests. NET session state identifies requests from the same browser during a limited time window as a session, and provides a way to persist variable values for the duration of that session. The state of the controls is encoded and sent to the server at every form submission in a hidden field known as .The variables can be set to be automatically destroyed after a defined time of inactivity even if the session does not end. This is the slowest method of session state management in ASP. The server sends back the variable so that, when the page is re-rendered, the controls render at their last state.As each node in the tree is a control represented as an instance of a class, the code may change the tree structure as well as manipulate the properties/methods of the individual nodes.Finally, during the rendering step a visitor is used to visit every node in the tree, asking each node to render itself using the methods of the visitor. After the request has been processed, the instance of the page class is discarded and with it the entire control tree. NET programmers who rely on the class instance members that are lost with every page request/response cycle. NET applications are hosted by a Web server and are accessed using the stateless HTTP protocol.Problems may arise if an application must track "data state"; for example, a finite-state machine that may be in a transient state between requests (lazy evaluation) or takes a long time to initialize. NET pages with authentication can make Web scraping difficult or impossible. NET application to be load-balanced and scaled across multiple servers. However, since session state server runs as one instance, it is still one point of failure for session state. Alternatives to session state include the following: View state refers to the page-level state management mechanism, utilized by the HTML pages emitted by ASP.Application state is held by a collection of shared user-defined variables. Because the state management service runs independently of ASP. The session-state service cannot be load-balanced, and there are restrictions on types that can be stored in a session variable. This means that a Web server treats each HTTP request for a page as an independent request. NET applications to maintain the state of the Web form controls and widgets.

It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services. Also, in the web application format, the cs is a partial class that is linked to the pagename.file. NET Web Pages (a platform using only Razor pages) have merged into a unified MVC 6.This is similar to the separation of the controller from the view in model–view–controller (MVC) frameworks. NET Programmers can also build custom controls for ASP. Unlike user controls, these controls do not have an ASCX markup file, having all their code compiled into a dynamic link library (DLL) file.The rest of the page is defined by the shared parts of the master page, much like a mail merge in a word processor.All markup and server controls in the content page must be placed within the Content Place Holder control. NET merges the output of the content page with the output of the master page, and sends the output to the user.

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First, during the initialization steps, an instance of the page class is created and the initialization code is executed.

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