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Now I will show you the C# code behind file of the above ASP.

NET page that will handle different Grid View events to provide complete editing functionality.

By using the Grid View Row object we can find the reference of any control in the row in which user is editing the data.

In this tutorial we are searching for our Text Box controls txt Product Name and txt Unit Price.

The above piece of code will also do the same as label in Item Template and Textbox in the Edit Item Template.

By default all the boundfields will be trasferred as Textboxes in Edit Mode.

Suppose if we are trying to hide primary key of our table, there is actually no need to hide. In the above Snippet you are seeing a label in Item Template that means whenever we are showing Grid View to the user Label will be visible to the user.

In the above tutorial I tried to give you one of the easiest solutions and I hope you can go explore Grid View control editing further after learning the basics from this tutorial.

Close() Return str End Function Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Me. Is Post Back Then filldata() End If End Sub Sub filldata() Try Dim con As New Sql Connection(constr) Dim cmd As New Sql Command("select * from clienttab order by id desc", con) Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter Dim ds As New Data Set da.

Editing the Grid View control can be an incredibly easy feature to add for certain database tables, especially those who have no foreign key associated and can easily be edited through the use of a standard Text Box web control as shown in the figure below: Before we start examining the ASP.

NET Grid View markup and associated code lets first enumerate the important code pieces of this tutorial.

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If we use proper command names for the buttons like “EDIT”, “DELETE”, “UPDATE”, “CANCEL” these will also trigger the appropriate Grid View Events.

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