Gossip girl chuck and vanessa dating in real life

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In one episode, Blair attempts to psychologically dismantle her academic rival, Nelly Yuki, so that she doesn’t beat her out of a place at Yale. Like the magazine in the US, Spence was rated sixth in the country in terms of how many of its students were accepted by ‘the holy trinity’ (to borrow Blair’s term) of American universities – Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

And parents of children at top – there is no contest as to who was stretched more academically.

Though depicts an exaggerated version of life at single-sex Upper East Side schools – and exactly the sort of ‘too much too soon’ image these schools wish to avoid – watching it has brought back hundreds of half-remembered incidents and emotions from my Spence days.

But, as in any school where standards are stratospheric, we had our problems.(With an August birthday, I was one of the youngest and by no means the cleverest in my year, though I eventually fulfilled Blair’s dream and made it to Yale.) is meant to depict their lives, they actually spend an average of five hours revising each night, while Blair and Serena make it seem possible to spend all one’s time at parties and still be a candidate for an Ivy League university.In some ways, TV just can’t accurately mirror life.Live television appearances aged ten seemed part and parcel of the school experience.It also seemed totally normal to have classmates come back to school on a Monday chatting about their weekend at the Oscars or in the front row of New York Fashion Week.

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For me, like so many others, these shows have been the most basic form of escapism, transporting us to a world so ludicrously beautiful and comfortingly unrealistic that we sit back and savour every moment, safe in the knowledge that our own lives could never reach such decadent heights. Though I am utterly hooked on it, for me it’s not exactly escapism, and it’s definitely not unrealistic.

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