Friends in the airforce airforce dating

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Friends in the airforce airforce dating

Any assistance and help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected] Sheppard (22/12/2017) Once every decade or so I post reminders of people from the past.

I have fabulous memories of our time there - too many to recount here.

Terry (Menger) Huff (26/3/2018) Hi Mike Pierce and Chug et al - I was a 'diddy bopper' on Charlie Flight and then on the "mod squad" in 19.

Had a great time at Chicksands and have a wonderful (but hazy) memory of the whole time in England.

At the time we all lived in the Priory with the C/O in a caravan out back.

Everything improved when the "Yanks" arrived especially the food and the films that were shown in the main hall.

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