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Tom Chauncey, who also owned the biggest Arabian horse ranch in Phoenix, was a minority partner with Autry.

Over the years, KOOL-TV ran nearly the entire CBS schedule, along with some first-run syndicated shows and local shows including daily newscasts and the first bilingual weekly kids' TV show called Niños Contentos hosted by Kathy Shayna Shocket for a decade, The hour show was replaced by The Pee Wee Herman Show when the station was sold by Tom Chauncey to Gulf Broadcasting.

The butt of the gun struck Louis Villa in the back of the head; Gwin then held Villa in a chokehold, at gunpoint, for nearly five hours.

The station changed its callsign to KSAZ-TV on February 12, 1994 to match its new slogan, "The Spirit of Arizona." Due to the company's bankruptcy, Citicasters put four of its stations (including KSAZ-TV) up for sale.

KSAZ and Kansas City sister station WDAF-TV were sold to New World Communications on May 5, 1994 for 0 million, with the sale becoming final on September 9 of that year.

"I was met by a whole bunch of stares." Barwood was puzzled by the reaction.

"After the meeting, one of the City Managers came over to me and said, 'you shouldn't have asked that question,'" recounted Barwood. "I thought if this many people saw whatever this was first of all, what did they remember?

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Under the arrangement, the two separate stations alternated airtime, but used the same channel allocation and transmitter.