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This girl used to be one of our faves due to her amazing all day puffy nipples.

Now she is back over at Trike Patrol and going all the way on HD video.

So we know you are here for the skinny girls and today we are going to deliver.

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So we have slipped way behind on our posts here and have decided to get the ball rolling once again with a top notch new girl.Meet Beer (now that’s a bar girls name if I have ever heard one) one of the stunning new LBFm girls we are featuring now. Well I think it’s readily apparent that this Asian chick is somewhat special.From the kicky “I got them drunk” tattoos through to the pierced tiny tits this girl has taught sexual encounter written all over her.We think you have a severe fetish for skinny Asian girls.So bearing that in mind we are pleased to bring you some all new pics of yet another one of these girls who has a bit of bad judgement and has decided to upload a ton of nude pics to 4chan. The situation with obesity at home has degenerated to the point that all a white girl has to do to be attractive these days is not be fat.

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