Failed while updating the boot sectors for disk1 partition1

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I'm doubting it's the cable since I have two nodes exhibiting the same problem.-------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed...URL: https://edu/pipermail/npaci-rocks-discussion/attachments/20070912/a3c61e79/From rodrigo.faccioli at Thu Sep 13 2007 From: rodrigo.faccioli at (Rodrigo faccioli) Date: Thu, -0300 Subject: [Rocks-Discuss] How can I re-install Rocks In-Reply-To: Sorry...But, I think that my question below was very generalist.However, I later had to shoot a few nodes because of some changes I made, but, I can no longer reinstall them successfully.The nodes PXE boot and start the kickstart install.Srihari On 9/13/07, Somsak Sriprayoonsakul Thank you, Greg.

I previously had all compute nodes installed from the frontend with no problems.

By this time, Rocks added the node compute-1-0 to the cluster and showed that it kickstarted. I went back to the node and rebooted it after writing the partition table to the disk. At this point, if you are "lucky", the partitioner will wipe out your partitions and will create the new partitions and start installing. Right after it created the partitions, the installer bailed out again with the same error message. When this happened, I went back again to screen #2, ran fdisk and saw that Rocks created the standard default 5 partitions.

Now, I went ahead and mounted /dev/sda1 to /tmp/sda1. I don't know where it came from, but, I went ahead and deleted this file from there.

However, when the installer gets to the point of creating the partitions, it shows the error message "An error has occurred - no valid devices found on which to create the file systems.." On a few nodes, it seemed like it created the partitions OK, but, when it goes to create the file systems, it shows this message.

I tried various things at that point, like deleting the previous partition table on the disk and PXE booting again, deleting the hardware RAID volume on the drive and recreating it, removing the node from the cluster and doing insert-ethers as a brand new node, etc., but nothing worked.

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2) Start insert-ethers 3) After the node PXE-boots, if the kickstart fails with "no valid devices found..." error message, then go to step 4.

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