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Examples of relative dating archaeology

Elements that break the continuity of a stratum such as stones, tree roots, walls, wells and post holes.

Text-aided archeology that studies that portion of human history that begins with the appearance of written records and continues until today.

In archeology, a horizon is a pattern characterized by widespread distribution of a complex of cultural traits that lasts a relatively short time.

Factors that might create the pattern of a horizon would include a rapid military conquest or effective religious mission. The position in which an archeological object is first uncovered during an excavation or survey.

The science that studies the general configuration of the earth's surface, specifically the study of the classification, description, nature, origin, and development of present landforms and their relationships to underlying structures, and the history of geologic changes as recorded by these surface features.

Abbreviation for Geographic Information System, an analytic tool used to create a computerized, layered composite of spatial information about an area.

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Sciences such as geology, evolutionary biology and archeology that deal with past events that no longer can be directly observed or replicated, although the evidence they left behind can be studied to reconstruct what took place.

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