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O'Donoghue also revealed that Captain Swan's relationship will now share some similarities to Rumbelle."Similar to Belle and Rumple, [Hook] can still see the person that he loves in that darkness," he said.Our first course of action: calling her colorist, Nikki Lee of West Hollywood’s Nine Zero One Salon, to get all the details."We colored Emma's hair red last year around this same time and loved it,” Lee tells Stylish."Work caused her to go back to blonde, so at the first opportunity, we took her back to red.Emma Roberts is always on the cusp of the next new hair-color trend — remember that gorgeous rose gold?

We played around with the name a bit and collectively came up with Cayenne Spice.” The process took three hours and involved a combination of permanent and semi permanent shades. "Whether or not he's able to stop himself from going dark again is another question because he's been there before."'s fifth season will premiere Sunday, Sept 27 on ABC.Do you think Hook will be able to bring Emma back from being the Dark Swan?Emma and Chord have not yet commented on their relationship status, but considering she has always been very private about her dating life, don't expect her to confirm or deny the rumors!15 pictures inside of Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet holding hands...

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