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Elizabeth hendrickson dating bobby deen

Coleman & Ruby Lee Lisle; h/o Vivian Ann Bass) Coleman, Minnie P., (24 Jun)1880-1938 (d/o John Fitzsimmons Price & Louisa Ella Hall; w/o Matthew C. Coleman) Coleman, Vivian Ann (nee: Bass), - (w/o James Woodie Coleman) Coleman II, Walter C. WW II Florida (s/o Joseph Wesley King & Ruth Gause; h/o Sara Mae Cain) King, Unnamed, 1955-1955 Stillborn Child of Dale R. King Kleingartner, Cheryl Leigh, - (d/o Elmer Frederick Kleingartner & Martha Elizabeth Mayfield) Knief, Macy W., (13 Feb)1916-(12 May)1980 (d/o Alex Waters & Alma Cooner; w/o FNU Knief) Knight, Eloise, - Dau of W. (Walter Eugene) & Salome J (Jane Kellum) Knight Langford, Charles Marvin, - (s/o Madison Leroy Langford & Susan Annie Langford; h/o Frances Jeannette Owens) Langford, Kimball Francis, - (s/o Charles Marvin Langford & Frances Jeannette Owens) Lapinski, Wylene Mayfield, - (d/o William Howard Mayfield & Mary Thelma Davis; w/o William James Lapinski) Lathrop, Charles W. Army, WW II (s/o Charles Wayne Lathrop & Lottie Mae Fox; h/o Mary Nell Christmas) Lathrop, Lottie M.

Coleman, Sr) Coleman, Ruby Lee, (09 Jan)1914-(29 Apr)1989 (d/o Jessie S. (Carl) "Cash," 28 Dec1962- 08 Dec1995 () (s/o Walter Coleman & Betty Abbott) Coleman, Woodie (B), (29 Jan)1909-(15 Feb)1969 (s/o Mathew C. Price; h/o Ruby Lee Lisle) Colson, William F., - (s/o Foster Alexander Colson & Ora Starr Braddock) (Conkrite, Albert, c1857-) (h/o Caroline LNU) (obit says buried here, could not locate) Connell, Donia May, - (d/o John Riley Varnes & Eudelle Morrison; w/o Charles C. Navy, WW II (s/o Dewitt Flemming Creel & Dixie Lavador Norton; h/of Patricia Jean Harvey) Creel, Dewitt F. Elijah Creel &Mary Elizabeth Griffin; h/o Dixie Lavador Norton) Creel, Dixie (Lavador), (01 Sep)1899-(13 Mar)1946 (d/o Lucious C. Miles; h/o of Frankie L Pittman) (buried here, exhumed and moved to Trenton Cemetery, Gilchrist CO, FL ) Dixon, Warner D. LNU; w/o Jack Flowers) (married ) Jack Flowers, -(no date) (w/o Eleanor Rae Kelly) Flowers, Jr., John Thomas, - TSgt, US Army Air Corps, WW II Flowers, Morris, - (s/o Samuel Flowers & Rebecca Varnes; h/o Annie Mae Sandlin) Flowers, (Oscar) Manley, (26 Jun)1936-(23 Jul)2008 (s/o Morris Flowers & Annie Mae Sandlin; h/o Vera Mae Owens) Flowers, Rebecca, - (d/o John Vincent Varnes & Trinity Mobley; w/o Samuel Flowers) Ford, Albert A. Ford & Rebeccca LNU; h/o Henrietta LNU) Ford, George P., 1900-1922 (s/o Albert A. & Henrietta LNU) Fore, Carl D., 1906-1927 (s/o Gain Daniel Fore & Perninah (Nina) Skaggs) Fore, Gain D. (Wayne), (10 Jun)1890-(May)1969 (s/o Charles Philip Lanthrop & Nancy Elizabeth Calbreath; h/o Lottie Mae Fox) Lathrop, J. (Mae), (18 Jan)1891-(01 Jul)1971 (d/o James Albert Fox & Mahala Jane Keller; w/o Charles W.

Connell) Cook, Mary (Frances)(Becky), - (d/o Dell L. Woodbury; 2nd w/o John Henry Register & FNU Cook) Corbett, Henry Wm., - Corley, Robert L. Norton & Anna Lee Strickland; w/o Dewitt Flemming Creel) Creel, Patricia (Jean) Harvey, -() (d/o Guy Earnest Harvey & Freda J. (William Edward), -) (s/o James Monroe Deen & Mary J. (Durante), - Pvt, US Army, WW II (s/o James Raymond Dixon & Earney May Bennett) Dixon, William E. Brown) Earnist, Andrew Victor, 1870-1946 (h/o Mary Frances) Earnist, Mary Frances, 1865-()1946 (w/o Andrew Victor Earnist) Edmund(s), Irvin T. Edmunds & Virginia (Jennie) Pierce) Edmunds, Jennie (Virginia) P. Edmunds) Edmunds, Neal A., - (s/o Calvin Edmund & Martha J. (Henry), - (s/o James Henry Ferguson & Madelin Dodson; h/o Margaret T. Rushing; h/o Edna Underhill) Flowers, Annie Mae, - (d/o George Best Sandlin & Mary Frances Jones; w/o Morris Flowers) Flowers, Eleanor Rae, - (d/o O. (Daniel), (05 Jul)1876-(May)1960 (s/o Ambrose Fore & Cepus Caldwell; h/o Perninah (Nina) Skaggs) Fore, Grace (Verlon) Creel, 04 Feb1918-08 Feb1986 (d/o Dewitt Flemming Creel & Dixie Lavador; w/o Marcus Boyd Fore) Fore, Marcus B. Lathrop) Lathrop, Mary Nell, - (Joseph Ernest Christmas & Antie M.

(Lee), (08 Dec)1908-(31 Oct)1971 (s/o Robert Lee Corley & Sarah Fannie Jackson; h/o Ruby Dell Watson) Corriher, Tracie Dawn, - Cotterman, Elmer E. Cowart) Cowart, Unnamed, 1959-1959 Grandson of Wesley Cowart Cowart, Walter Branand, - (s/o Hiram (Babe) Cowart & Rebecca Bradshaw; h/o Lena Parrish) Cowart, Walter Edward, (07 Sep)1952-(12 Dec)1958 (s/o Walter Victor Cowart & Hilda Edna Peterson) Cowart, Wesley Jesse, - (s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart & Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask; h/o Barbara Barry) Cowart, William Major, - (s/o William Raymond Cowart & Sarah (Sallie) Butler) Cowdy, Robert L., - Cox, Frank G. (Foxy) Fox; w/o Bronial Durwood Creel & Robert Kilkenny) Creel, Phillip Durwood, - (s/o Bronial Durwood Creel & Patricia Jean Harvey) Crews, D (Dallion), (Dec)1903-(18 Aug)1904 (Concrete slab with name scratched in - son of M/M Wiley Crews) (s/o Wiley Crews & Berdina "Birdie" Moody) Danks, Daisy M. Crews & Ida Dorothy Ray; w/o Cary Mc Collough & Sheridan Franklin Danks) Dartist, Mary, (c 1853- (d/o Albert A. (Estes), (23 Oct)1903-(03 Mar)1981 (s/o James Raymond Dixon & Earney May Bennett; h/o Mamie L. Spivey; h/o Ida Williamson & Virginia (Jennie) Pierce) Edmunds, Rosalie L. Edmunds) Edmunds, Wingate Franklin., - (s/o Neal A. (Ernest), (07 Apr)1873-(20 Dec)1943 (s/o William Faulkner & Emma Richardson; h/o Hannah Susie Bogue) Faulkner, Infant, 1923-1923 (child of Frank L. LNU) Ferguson, Margaret T., - (w/o James Henry Ferguson, Jr) Flack, Archie (Arthur)Daniel, - (s/o James M. (Boyd), - Pvt, US Army, WW I, Mississippi (s/o Gain Daniel Fore & Perninah (Nina) Skaggs; h/o Grace Verlon Creel) Fore, Nina (Peninah), (Apr)1876-1927 (d/o Hiram Henry Skaggs & Olivia L. (Alanson), 14 (08) Feb 1880- (s/o Peter Franklin & Eliza Jane Avery) Franklin, Peter, - (h/o Eliza Jane Avery) Franklin, Eliza (Jane) Avery, - (d/o Silas Wood Avery & Mary Jane Molaskey; w/o Peter Franklin) Frazee, Katie Louise, - (d/o Joseph S. Frazee) Gaines, Kate E., - (s/o Eugene Mc Millan & Ida Mae Strickland; w/o George R. (Etta), (27 Feb)1926-(21 Feb)1992 (d/o Samuel Brown & Bulah King; w/o Dale Robert King) King, Orbin Collins, - Sgt U.

Betterton & Martha Ann Duke; h/o Alberta Susan Holle) Birdwell, Ardell (Ring), - (s/o William Moses Birdwell & Elizabeth Jane Gardner; d/o Susie Rita Bellamy) Birdwell, George A. These obituaries were scanned, posted and linked to this listing in October 2010. During early 2009, the obituary records of the Flagler County Historical Society as well as those of the Daphne Brownell collection at the Volusia County Public Library in De Land, which she donated to the library in 1983, were researched and 161 obituaries were found for individuals buried in this cemetery.Any corrections and/or additions should be sent to the compiler, Claude Sisco Deen, Jr, P. Box 637, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0637; email: [email protected], Clyde (T), 1909-(Aug)1961 (s/o Joseph L. Abbott) Abbott, Otis (C.), (05 Dec)1912-(29 Jan)1983 (s/o Joseph L. (Robert) Leslie, (24 Nov)1907-(11 Jul)1978 (s/o Joseph L. Morris) Abbott, Sarah V.(Vashti), - (d/o Wiley Hopkins Waters & Mary Ann Elizabeth Purcell; w/o Joseph L.Abbott & Sarah Vashti Waters; h/o Grace Lenora Love) Abbott, Grace (Lenora), 1916-(Dec)1963 (d/o William P. Abbott & Sarah Vashti Waters) Abbott, Joseph L., - (s/o John I. Abbott) Abbott, Thelma N., (27 Apr)1913-(05 Feb) 2005 (d/o Robert Lonzo Morris & Sarah E. (Charlotte), (20 Dec)1909-() (d/o James Erasmus Cade & Elzabeth L.

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H.), - (s/o Oliver Wesley (Ollie) Cowart and Nancy Beatrice (Nannie) Mask; h/o Esther Helen Davidson and Thera Edna Anderson) (served as a Flagler County Commissioner from 1956 to 1984) Cowart, David, - (s/o John Hazel Cowart & Gladys Coleman) Cowart, (Dorothy) Christine, (29 Jul) 1924-(25 Dec) 2015) (d/o Leslie Edgar Easterling & Alpha Elizabeth Coward; w/o Herbert Earl Cowart) Cowart, Herbert Earl, - (s/o William Raymond Cowart & Sarah (Sallie) Butler; h/o Dorothy Christine Easterling) Cowart, James Stanley, - (s/o Oliver James Cowart & Alma Clifton) Cowart, Lucille (Rebecca), (28 Nov)1911-(15 Sep)1988 (d/o Walter B. Martin & Elva Johnson; w/o Walter Howard Davis) Davis, Weldon E., (16 Dec)1902-(23 Nov)1978 (s/o John Emmett Davis & Ella M. Gamble & Ima Gene Goss; h/o Sheila LNU & Carla LNU) (Sgt, US Army) Gamble, Terrell (Arthur), - (s/o Lonnie Vyrl Gamble & Evelyn Wiiles Thomas) Gamble, Vernon William, -() (s/o Lonnie William Gamble & Ina Louise Waters; h/o Mary T. (Harrison), - (h/o Daisy Wilson) Harvey, Wilbur W., - MOMM 3, U. Navy, WW II, FL (s/o Robert Harrison Harvey & Daisy Wilson; h/o Gertrude Madran & Catherine LNU) Haylock, Irma A., - (w/o John Frederick Haylock) Haylock, J (John) Fred (Frederick), - (s/o Ernest Albert Haylock & Fanny Butcher; h/o Irma A.