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Do guys play games dating

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.If this is true, those men in the white coats should have been on me like white on rice. I had a very needy mindset and I derived way too much of my self-worth from how men responded to be. (To know what it does look like, check out this article: 10 Things Confident People Do Differently in Dating and Relationships.) It took a long time to realize I needed to stop prioritizing guys above myself, at least until he started treating like a priority.

I have plenty more to give you on the subject of how to skyrocket a man’s interest in you )and have him pursuing you) in this article here: Intentionally manipulating a guy or playing games will always backfire because no guy wants to feel like he’s being yanked along on a destination-less journey.When you bend over backward to please a man, you’re not really placing a high value on yourself and he doesn’t really have to do much work to land you.When a guy has you and gets to keep you without really putting in much effort, your stock inevitably goes down in his mind.There were forces working against us and I didn’t want to make things worse by being unaccommodating.My schedule was more flexible than his so it made sense that I should work around his schedule, right?

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What it really comes down to is being a woman who values herself and is confident in who she is.

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