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Differences between european american dating

Although all the nations in Balkans have independent states, almost all of the countries have internal minority problems.Hungarians living in the west (Transylvania) of Romania constitute 7% (1,4 million) of Romania’s population.Bulgaria also has a 10% Muslim-Turkish (900 thousand) minority.In Greece, there are 250 thousand Macedonians, 370 thousand Albanians, and 200 thousand Muslim Turks.Therefore, in Turkey, the Balkan-originated community has a strong lobby and in the government and business cycles is very influential.

But as explained below, the reality on the ground is very different than it appears, and the EU- and US-oriented countries may go to war with each other.Therefore peace and conflict have always coexisted in the Balkans, as the name of the peninsula points out.Lying in the east of Europe, the Balkans is inhabited by mostly Slavic and Orthodox nations.Albanians with a population of 500 thousand constitute 25% of Macedonia’s population and 1.8 million Albanians are living in Kosovo.Montenegro’s population consists of 45% Montenegrins, 29% Serbs,  Bosnians, and %5 Albanians. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a loose Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian confederation.

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