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The American Christian comprises 78.5 percent where the Protestants comprise of 51.3 percent, the Roman Catholic comprises of 23.9 percent, the Mormon comprises 1.7 percent and other Christians comprise 1.6 percent.

The Jewish religion comprises of only 1.7 percent, the Buddhist comprise of 0.7 percent, the Muslim religion comprises of 0.6 percent of the Americans, the unaffiliated comprises of 12.1% of the Americans, the unspecified Americans comprise of 2.5% and there is a 4% of the Americans who do not belong to any religion (CIA, 2002).

The religion in America is widespread and plays a big role in the lives of the Americans and it is the only country among the developed countries that practices the highest percentage of religious practices.The Americans are known to highly encourage individual independence (Alan, 2003).The Syrian music is included in culture and also includes several styles and genres of music that ranges from Arabic pop music to Arab classical and from sacred to secular music.Most of the aged Syrian families are slowly losing their linguistic traditions because most of the parents are not teaching the children any Arabic language.The newer immigrants are well able to maintain their language traditions.

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