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Variety describes the role as "the club's gender-bending host and master of ceremonies," which again, is exactly like the Emcee Julianne Hough, once known as the Dancing with the Stars nookie girl forced to endure Adam Carolla’s unicycle, is moving on to bigger and presumably two-wheeled vehicles.

In addition to putting together a fairly successful country music career It’s official. It’s called Burlesque and while it seemed like a good idea back when it just starred Christina Aguilera, now Kristen Bell will co-star as her rival, I’m ready to go ahead and pre-emptively award the year’s Best Picture Oscar Tucci will play the best friend of Cher's character, an aging performer who takes Aguilera's character under her wing when she arrives in town.

The film's romantic melodrama centers on Ali's tentative flirtation with the bartender.

They end up circumstantial roommates in his Hollywood apartment, but he has a "fiancee" back in New York, a nightly long-distance phone call that does nothing to warm his bed.

She gets that shot, of course, and later gets to display that big Aguilera voice, which rocks the theater.

A star may be born, but "nothing's what it seems" -- one of the many cliche lines that Antin's screenplay indulges in with glee. Tess' Frantic Ex-Husband (Peter Gallagher) pleads her to sell to the Real Estate Developer (Eric Dane), while her Best (Gay) Friend (Stanley Tucci) assures her that things somehow will work out.

(Note to Cher: In this instance, "old" is a good thing and a compliment.

She's hooked the minute she sees Cher's Tess, the club's co-owner and resident diva, belt out "Welcome to Burlesque," backed by a chorus line in fishnet stockings and eye-popping bustiers.

No one will give her a job, so with the help of a handsome bartender (Cam Gigandet) -- Love Interest -- she creates one out of thin air.

She grabs a tray and is now a cocktail waitress only one urgent plea/conniving manipulation/sensational audition away from that glorious stage.

Her spectacular voice restores The Burlesque Lounge to its former glory, though not before a charismatic entrepreneur (Eric Dane) arrives with an enticing proposal...

It's not actually video, just Franco singing Cher's song wildly off-key, laughing to himself and being encouraged by other people in the room.

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Harry Potter walked away with a second number one weekend, sailing well past the $200 million mark and giving Disney's lastest animated release a run for its money.

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