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Pioneers, Cossacks, missionaries, deportees, rich merchants who could compete with the spiritual flower of Russia, the nobility - each of these added to the glory and the honor of their city - Irkutsk.

People from all over Siberia and Russia raised it anew from the ashes, and after ten years A. They built hospitals, orphanages, colleges, libraries and churches.People said that if they had wanted to, they could have built a glittering road of silver roubles that stretched all the way to Moscow.The great wealth amassed by the local merchants contributed greatly to the unique character of Irkutsk architecture, because when it came time for them to build their homes, they called on the best architects in Russia.For three and a half centuries Irkutsk has lived a long-suffering life, undergoing many severe trials.The worst of these trials may have been in the so-called "Black Year" of 1879, which was marked by a devastating fire.

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