Dating your housemate

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Dating your housemate

In the early 1900s, molded concrete blocks were popularized by Harmon S.

Palmer's patented invention of a hand-operated molding machine.

Knowing the style of your home will help you place it in a historic period and a range of years when that style house was popular in your neighborhood.

The building materials and construction methods used for your home contain many clues.

Artists practice careful observation as they draw and compose.Laboratories can analyze the age of these elements and pick apart layers of paint. Department of Interior is a primer for the pros, but also a handy guide for the curious homeowner or conscientious realtor.For technical instructions, follow the process outlined in Understanding Old Buildings: Architectural Investigation. In addition, examine the wall placement and perceived changes in the floor plan.This is your ID for a wealth of public records about your home.The tax roll for your home is located at your local city hall, town hall, county courthouse, or municipal building.

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People are apt to make changes to a house as soon as ownership is transferred, so knowing when your home changed hands might indicate when remodeling occurred.

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