Dating while divorce pending talk dating online

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Dating while divorce pending

It is universally accepted that introducing anyone new to your children at the early stages of a relationship is not healthy for the children, especially if the likelihood is that many such relationships will not work out.

In addition, trying to introduce anyone to the children (even someone you are serious about) during the divorce process can be traumatic because the children are already dealing with a significant transition in their lives.

Until you have a final hearing on your divorce, you are legally married. For example, if you are entitled to alimony, it could reduce the amount of your payments if the judge finds that you have fault in the divorce.

Furthermore, your judge will be unhappy if he or she finds out that you have taken your minor children around a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

For example, one possible consequence of starting a relationship is the emotional impact on your spouse.

But, the New Hampshire Supreme Court found otherwise.

This could affect your parenting time or visitation schedule with your children.

Courts will consider the character of anyone living with you or anyone that frequents your home.

You can mitigate this possibility by being discreet, and not rubbing the new relationship in your spouse's face (for instance by bringing the new significant other to court with you). Any funds spent with or for a dating relationship during a divorce process could be seen as wasting of marital assets and will likely become an issue in the division of assets.

Similarly if support is an issue any funds that can be spent on a dating relationship could arguably be available for support of your former spouse.

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Although it is almost never prosecuted it is important to note that if you engage in an intimate relationship while still married you are technically violating Massachusetts law and this could be brought up in your divorce case.

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