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From what my friends who are making their way through this jungle have said, on many occasions that they feel as if they have to prove their worth to potential partners.

I agree with not settling for anything other than what you want but we all have baggage. So many are set on hightailing it out of there after one argument, flaw, or inconvenience is made. They went through the man's friends showing interest by asking if he was seeing someone.

Nowadays the definition of a relationship is changing and it is more common to see kids having casual sexual relationships or “hooking up.” “[Back in my day] nobody just hooked up,” chemistry teacher Aaron Freeman said, “And if you did, you told no one.” In a study done by the Archive for Sexual Behavior, Baby Boomers had the same amount of sexual partners as Millennials.

Baby Boomers had an average 11.68 sexual partners while Millennials have just 8.26.

The best of all is you can love who you love and that’s ok. As long as the person or people involved are of the same understanding.

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“A lot of music talks about hooking up and having sex and not being in a serious relationship with that person.” It can be generally assumed that the songs kids listen to is much more vulgar and sexual than the songs their parents listened to. The song is all about true love and its meaning is perfectly displayed in this lyric: “I say a prayer with every heartbeat, I fall in love whenever we meet.” Houston conveys emotion and true love with her song while D. “You can look at a picture from the 1950’s and clearly see that the fashion was much different.” Some teachers believe that the way kids dress is much more sexualized.

One of the strongest differences is our values and ideals when it comes to relationships when you are young.

“In my opinion it’s better to leave it for the imagination.” Another possibility to the change in culture is kids’ openness with sex rather than it being deemed more taboo to high schoolers in the past.

Often in the halls of Northwood there will be couples “making out” in front of everyone.

The extent of public displays of affection was holding hands and potentially a peck.

[People who make out in the halls] have no personal boundaries.” One student sees the benefits in both relationships and just “hooking up.” She chooses to be in an open relationship.

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