Dating someone of another faith

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Dating someone of another faith

Allowing children to choose their own religion creates responsibility that a child should not have and is often expressed in the child’s anxiety.Allowing children to have no religion until they are eighteen is equally stressful for the children.Here are some ways to make a relationship work if you have different religious views …If you're in a relationship with someone of different religious views to your own, always respect their faith, even if you don't agree with it.Even if you think that yours are the correct views, they have different opinions.This is a result of the all time high for inter-religious marriages and biracial marriages.Rather than lose religion all together, members of mixed couples look for religions institutions that welcome converts and those who are unaffiliated or shopping for a religion.

There is so much dating, marrying and baby making between people of different religions, races, cultures, ethnicities - and political parties!!The purpose of religion for children is to give them an identity. When one parent decides to take on a religion that is new to him, in order to accommodate a new spouse and/or child, it is important that parent feel that the religion belongs to him.Regardless of what it is, it is a grounding force in their upbringing. My parents are divorced, and I have a sister.” While it seems like a simple statement of identification, the truth is this allows a child the ability to relax. It is also important that the spouse who is not new to the religion is kind and understanding of the partner’s new journey.This can make a relationship impossible if you're expected to date within your faith.But interfaith relationships can work perfectly if you respect each other's different views.

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In turn, religious institutions have opened their doors to less traditional families, and their congregations and memberships have grown.

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