Dating someone avoidant personality disorder

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Dating someone avoidant personality disorder

But I’ve also begun to think: even if Borderline Personality Disorder were a valid construct, does meeting the criteria for the diagnosis necessarily mean something is wrong with me?

They implored me to talk about subjects that other kids my age were interested in. Contacts and make-up were horribly uncomfortable; I never really succeeded in figuring out how to stick to “normal” topics of conversation. I was a hard worker, I received straight A’s, and for that my parents were proud of me.I didn’t have many friends and was even sometimes bullied.My parents, who were well-meaning and wanted me to be happy, tried to help me fit in.Who are not so comfortable or able to thrive on their own?What if there are people who do crave the acceptance, approval, and love of another to feel truly fulfilled? Wouldn’t it make sense for those people to feel the pain of abandonment more strongly, and to fear that abandonment more deeply?

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Although things had gotten better for me in college — I had finally found a group of friends who accepted me for who I was, and I started putting less pressure on myself academically— when I started dating my first boyfriend, the feeling of walking on a tightrope returned.

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