Dating rituals of men

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Dating rituals of men

‘That both drugs were being used simultaneously is beyond doubt,’ Gass says.” As reported by Russian news site 1TV , the vessels are thought to have been created for members of royalty.They are decorated with highly-detailed and dramatic scenes.Although the white-spotted fish is the only one of its kind that plays in the sand, there are other species of fish that make similar structures to impress females.Cichlid fish, which live in Lake Malawi, East Africa, build what are known as bowers once or twice a year so they have a place to mate.

The Scythian kurgan, or burial mound, was uncovered during power-line development in the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia in 2013.The incredible finds “are shedding light on the shadowy world of the Scythians, fierce nomads whose exploits—and drug-fueled rituals—were chronicled by the Greek historian Herodotus,” an article from National Geographic reports.Anton Gass, archaeologist at the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin tells National Geographic, “It's a once-in-a-century discovery.The white-spotted pufferfish is about three-inches long and adorned with white spots on its back and silvery white spots on its abdomen.It is the 20th pufferfish to fall into the species of Torquigener – but it is the only one that creates stunning patterns in the sand to attract a mate.

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