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His channel has more than a million subscribers, and the videos he posts have inspired a wave of anti-government protests this year by showing evidence of government corruption.Unsurprisingly, he has run afoul of Russian authorities on numerous occasions, and he was jailed during Moscow’s most recent round of protests.The terrorists were dead 8 minutes after police got the call.

—Raisa Bruner In a nation where practically all mass media are state-controlled, the Russian opposition activist has used You Tube to break through the Kremlin’s information blockade.

As most natural resources have been exhausted, Ecoban is powered by pollution.

The citizens of Ecoban need to continue creating this pollution leading them into conflict with the inhabitants of Marr while one man just wants to clear away the clouds and see the sky : How long is it been raining?

Here’s who made this year’s unranked list: Some of the most common words returned in Google searches of Teigen’s name are “real,” “relatable” and “all of us” — not exactly what you’d expect for a supermodel, bestselling cookbook author and TV host who’s married to a Grammy-winning musician.

That’s a testament to how well the 31-year-old has bridged the celebrity-civilian gap by using her vast social media platform — nearly 20 million followers between Twitter and Instagram — to share unfiltered missives about everything from plastic surgery to the unbearable duration of the Oscars.

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In April, the 16-year-old Nevada teen tweeted this message along with a screenshot of him asking Wendy’s how many retweets it would take to earn a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets.

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