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Dating my rickenbacker

Eastman • Strings and Beyond • Morgan Music • Ellis/Pava • Elderly Instruments • The Mandolin Store • D'Addario • Kentucky Collings • The Music Emporium • The Acoustic Music Company • Mandolin World Headquarters • Just • Weber This Martin Acoustic Guitars - 00-15M is an all-solid Mahogany acoustic with a slightly smaller, concert style body that has been a longtime favorite, particularly with blues players.Straightforward build with a simple elegance, and all the Martin quality you'd expect this 00 has a bright punch that really cuts through this all Mahogany body.Other recent ads placed: • 10% Off All Mel Bay Products Through April 9• Complete Jethro Burns Mandolin• Banjo And Chord Reference Wall Chart• Mandolin Chord Melody System• Banjo Chord Encyclopedia• Easy 2-Chord Songs For Mandolin• Power Pickin' Vol.3: Playing Banjo Backup In Bluegrass DVD• Clawhammer Banjo Tunes, Tips & Jamming• Tony Trischka Master Collection Of Fiddle Tunes For Banjo• Deluxe Encyclopedia Of Mandolin Chords• Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book• Beginning Old Time Banjo (DVD)• French Baroque Mandolin Suite• Left-Handed Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book• Beginning Old Time Banjo DVD• Jazz Mandolin Appetizers• Straight-Ahead Jazz For Banjo• Bluegrass Banjo Anatomy And Mechanics Wall Chart I have a 2005 Elkhorn in exceptional condition.The tailpiece cover and tuner coverplate have neatly incised floral decoration, and the inlaid pickguard has a pearl floral pattern across the center.The Larson Brothers' work has become better known in recent years, but their mandolin family instruments lag behind the guitars in appreciation. This mandolin is in fine and completely original condition overall, and remains a very nice-playing and sounding instrument. He calls it his parlor, though at 14" lower bout is more 00-ish.

By late 1912 Stahl ads picture this style of flat-back mandolin alongside the traditional-bowl backs. Similar designs like the Martin A-E, Weymann Mandolute, and Lyon & Healy "Leland Mandos" appeared around the same time, signaling the imminent demise of the bowl-back old-timers like Stahl preferred.A set up from one of our luthiers is always included with a new instrument. Other recent ads placed: • Collings Acoustic Guitars Om1 A Jl Traditional - Julian Lage• Collings Mandolins - 2006 MF GT Used• Bart Reiter Banjos - Regent Open-Back With Scoop• Ome Banjos - Trilogy 11" Tubaphone Open-Back• Waterloo By Collings - Wl-14 X Truss Rod - All Mahogany• Bart Reiter Banjos - Standard Open-Back• Martin Acoustic Guitars - 2018 HD-28• Collings Acoustic Guitars - Parlor 2H Traditional T Series• Bart Reiter Banjos - Buckbee Open-Back - Cherry• Bart Reiter Banjos - Special Open-Back• Eastman Mandolins - MD515• Martin Guitars - 1911 - 0-42 Used• Eastman Mandolins - MD615 SB• Bart Reiter Banjos - Galax• Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1963 00-21 Used• Eastman Mandolins - MD505• Ome Banjos - North Star Bluegrass Resonator• Gold Tone Banjos - Cripple Creek 11" Open Back This book and extensive online audio recording is intended to be a tune repertoire book. Some are cliche, others unusual, some easy, some difficult.The book contains 2 lines of tablature (one basic and one advanced) as well as standard notation and suggested chords.In engaging the Larsons to build them, he fulfilled that promise. (6.4 cm.) in depth at side, taken at the end block. This has been visibly repaired and is solid, and looks more like a spot of wood shrinkage than an impact scar. TWO ARMRESTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Brown Wood Armrest with Black Hardware (on left) *SOLD* shipped to you (in lower 48). However, I am just putting my feet in the water, I could get a regular mandolin which is cheaper, but end up not liking the size/playability and get stuck with a bad mandolin/quit. This violin was made by William Wilkanowski before the Gretsch era of his work. Easily coverd with new pickguard or a decent luthier could touch it up, Set up and plays perfectly.Other than this one blemish, the instrument shows no repair and remains in very fine structural condition, with an excellent neck angle and no signs of folding up, as many lesser similar period mandolins do. Ebony Dan Voight Armrest with Chrome Hardware (on right) (needs new cork on top) *SOLD* shipped to you (in lower 48). Cast Mandolin Tailpiece Chrome ** SOLD **Long Hollow Brown Leather 48" Mandolin Strap ** SOLD **Black Leather 48" Mandolin Strap ** SOLD **Wood Armrest Brown with Chrome Hardware (on right) ** SOLD ** If an item sells I will change the price to SOLD. Or I can spend 0 more, like it, and have a comfortable sized mandolin. The wood on the one piece back is gorgeous and it has a tone to match. a ton of tone and projection out of this smaller body.

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It has mahogany body with round soundholes on both sides. I don't have a Weber now and have recently ordered a different tonegard so this tonegard has been surplus to requirement. 1917, made in Chicago, serial # 25853, natural finish, rosewood back and sides, spruce top; mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard, black chipboard case.