Dating m1 garand stocks

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Of course, when the stock eventually loosens up too much, glass bedding will bring it right back to as tight or tighter than new - BUT you won't be able to use that stock for these competitions.

In my conversation with Art at Dupage a couple weeks ago, I was able to confirm some things I had always strongly suspected and they all revolved around what Art has been able to get Boyd's to change and the fact he has not succeeded in getting Boyd's to make all the changes he recommended.

It was a HUGE improvement over their earlier offerings and wound up giving really good accuracy ONCE a bunch of rubs were cleared from the stock and the front handguard was shortened.

That is good information to be able to report to you all.

He just happened to take my telephone order for two stock sets and we had a very nice connversation. What happened was the two old stock making firms of Bishops and Rheinhardt Fajen went out of business and Boyd's bought some of their stock duplicating machines.

At first only some were too loose and had to be glass bedded, but as the years went by, they almost all were too loose and had to be bedded. A LOT of adjustments had to be made so operating parts would not rub and cause flyers or poor groups. Some times you had to move the stock ferrule much lower and that also means DQ's, because you then had to use bedding compound to get it to stay in the correct position. This used to be a MAJOR PITA on almost every one of them and you had to file/grind/sand a lot of wood off from the underside of the HG. The channel cut for the HG clip was too long and if you tried to snap a HG band on it, you could easily CRACK the rear HG even when using HG pliers. You have to file the REAR end of the HG when this happens. The fix was to cut the channel higher (in the correct position) and then glass bed it and that means DQ's. The channel for the liner was TOO SHORT and we had to cut it shorter from the rear.They seem to have improved a little, but not nearly enough for me to recommend them.Bamban got the stock set mentioned in this thread from Wenig's not long ago.So we can stop some confusion right off the bat, Boyd's makes the basic blank sets for their own sets and for Dupage who makes the CMP stock sets and sells their own stock sets as well.HOWEVER, there are some HUGE differences in the finished product between Boyds sets and Dupage's sets, BECAUSE Dupage has gotten Boyds to CHANGE the way certain things were done to get better fitting stocks.

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What that does is ALLOW us to use so many of the trigger guards that have worn locking lugs and they can be fitted very tightly.