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The insider revealed: 'His decision to get a giant picture of his face inked permanently on to her neck left her absolutely furious - she was devastated. ,' with another writing: 'Yuck, you've gone way too far with the lip fillers.'Yet some of her fans really love her new look, with one writing: 'Those brows though.' Another said: 'Gorgeous Holz,' while a third wrote: 'OMG Love it!

It’s huge and she thought it was really out of order and thoughtless of him.'Regardless of if they ever break up, she’ll have to say goodbye to having her hair up or in a ponytail… 'A fourth wrote: ' Perfect, Holly.'The lovely lady has confessed to having Botox, a boob job and lip and nose fillers in the past.

Penning a post, Holly wrote: 'I've got @hollysbodybible to thank for this whole transformation,' as she urged her followers to purchase the guide on pay day because there's 'no excuses.'Her weight loss story was plainly told with the 'then and now' snapshots, especially since she was dressed in a very ill-fitting outfit in the before shot.

The star has a huge design of her boyfriend's face on the nape of her neck, courtesy to their stint on MTV show, Tattoo Of Us, hosted by her pal Charlotte Crosby.

The programme focuses on couples, friends and family designing tattoos for each other.

Maybe I’ll actually be able to get this weight off now.

'But all jokes aside this was best for both of us and we knew that so there will never be any bad blood,’ she wrote adding a heart emoji.' Meanwhile Holly recently began having her tattoo tribute to Kyle removed.

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The reality star posted a before and after snap of her reshaped and 'streamlined' nose, looking remarkably different following the 15 minute procedure.