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Dating in middle east

Research has shown that the kites were likely used to hunt migrating Persian gazelle, which are now extinct.

Scientific dating has shown the kites to be between 30 years old.

, if not earlier, and that the use of irrigation followed rapidly.

The ancient countries of the Fertile Crescent, such as Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, and Phoenicia, are regarded as some of the world’s earliest complex societies.

Similar to the Nazca Lines of Peru, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with much diversity between structures. They cover far more area than the Nazca Lines of Peru, and are believed to be much older. In a journal called “Antiquity” he reported that he saw the structures over Harrat-ash-sham lava field, while he was flying an airmail route across Jordan.

A stunning sight from the air, these ancient artworks raise many questions. (The Nazca Lines are believed to date back to between 400 and 650 AD). Some of the wheel-shaped structures are clustered closer together, while others appear to be solitary.

It is possible that instead of the Near East being the single point of origin for modern humans heading for Europe, they may also have used other routes too.Study lead author Dr Katerina Douka, from the School of Archaeology at the University of Oxford, said: ‘This is a region where scholars have been expecting to find early evidence of anatomically and behaviourally modern humans, like us, leaving Africa and directly replacing Eurasian Neanderthal populations that lived there for more than 150,000 years.It was believed early modern humans arrived in Europe 45,000 years ago, taking routes out of Africa through the Near East, and then along the Mediterranean rim or the River Danube (pictured in modern times).Some structures have more of a rectangular shape, while many of them are round.Some of the circular structures contain two spokes that form a bar pointing in the same direction in which the sun rises and sets, while others contain spokes that do not appear to have any astrological meaning.

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It is believed that one type of structure, referred to as a “kite”, was actually used as part of a system for hunting.

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