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Dating goan

In 1794 Captain George Vancouver camped on Georgina Point where his crew left a coin and a knife found over a century later by early settlers. Miners Bay owes its name to the adventurers bound for the Cariboo Gold Rush of 1858, the halfway stop between Vancouver Island and the mouth of the Fraser River.

In the 1850's, Captain George Richards of the Royal Navy began surveying the area aboard H. During the late 1800s Mayne Island was both the commercial and social centre of the Gulf Islands.

GO TO RECIPEMadras curry powder is a blend of many spices, including cardamom, chiles, coriander and cumin.

Since it is hotter than regular curry powder, it adds a delicious kick to this Indian-style, late-summer vegetable stew of eggplant, tomatoes and chickpeas in a sublime coconut-ginger broth.

Star blogger David Lebovitz smartly stirs a little peanut butter into his coconut pork curry to cut the sweetness of the coconut milk.

He likes making big batches of curry so he can eat leftovers the next day.

(This book can be obtained through Miner's Bay Books - 250 539-3112) June 1885.

At home, substitute garam masala, the Indian spice blend that includes many of the spices Sunderam uses, to season this rich, creamy, deeply flavored dish.

GO TO RECIPEWhole-wheat spaghetti is one of Melissa Rubel Jacobson's favorite pastas because it is a good source of fiber and has an appealing chewiness.

GO TO RECIPEAlthough this ground-meat curry is often made with lamb, we've found that the distinctive combination of spices tastes just as good with beef.

Serve the thick, chili-like keema with warm naan (Indian flatbread), if available, or pita.

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GO TO RECIPEThe South Asian spices in this vegetarian stew reflect the influence of Kenya's generations-old Indian community on the national cuisine.

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