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Dating get out of the friend zone

There are many things you can do to help yourself get out of the friend zone and get a second chance with a girl.But it's important to remember that getting out of the friend zone is no walk in the park.

You've got to look at yourself from your friend's perspective and try to figure out what role you are playing in their life.

So you really shouldn't take being put in the friend zone personally.

The problem is that many guys take rejection very personally and end up breaking off all contact with the girl. So instead of bristling up and acting upset when you're put in the friend zone, try as hard as possible to be okay with being just a friend.

It takes someone else coming in and pulling it off the wall for you to even notice it existed, let alone how fabulous it is.

That's what the Separation is for: to force your friend to realize what life is like without you and stop taking you for granted.

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