Dating conference miami

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Dating conference miami

Photos from the Internet Dating Conference taking place on January 19 - 21, 2011 in Miami.

i Date2011 in Miami is the largest collection social networking executives during the year and is the most successful event for the industry.

But Tuesday’s 102-101 loss still could end up stinging a little bit by season’s end.

Dwyane Wade gave the Heat a 102-101 advantage with a 21-foot jumper with 5.9 seconds left.

The Sixers had a chance to win the game in the closing seconds.

Photos from the Internet Dating Conference taking place on January 28 - 29, 2010 in Miami.

But most important, it would have given them the tiebreaker should the squads finish the regular season with the same record.

That’s because the Sixers won the teams’ previous two meetings and now have a 2-1 series advantage.

i Date2010 in Miami was one of the largest collection social networking executives ever assembled.

Close to 500 internet dating industry executives, matchmakers, software providers, marketing / advertising firms, venture capitalists, affiliate managers, payment processors, background search companies and affiliates were in attendance.

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Redick and Covington combined to shoot 6 of 24 from the field. But Wade went on to win the game by scoring his team’s final five points.

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