Dating coal

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Dating coal

Exhibits include the geological history of the Joggins Cliffs, the history of scientific discovery at Joggins, and how area coal mining affected the community. Geologists were first attracted to this locality in the late 1820s with Abraham Gesner, Richard Brown, Thomas Jackson and Francis Alger all making important observations.However, the true fame of Joggins dates to the mid-nineteenth century and the visits in 18 by Charles Lyell, the founder of modern geology and author of Principles of Geology.Joggins is a Canadian rural community located in western Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.On July 7, 2008 a 15-km length of the coast constituting the Joggins Fossil Cliffs was officially inscribed on the World Heritage List.The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.Visitors can walk on the ocean floor at low tide, or go rafting on the tidal bore.Old coal mine working are eroding out of the sea-cliffs at Joggins.Recently dendrochronology had been employed to date the timber pit props.

The Joggins Fossil Centre is the museum built on the fossil cliff to display the fossils. The dramatic coastal exposure of the Coal Age rocks, known as the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, are continually hewn and freshly exposed by the actions of the tides in the Cumberland Basin.French-speaking Acadians returned from New Brunswick, and were joined by Irish and Scottish immigrants.Joggins Mines expanded rapidly to include three churches, two cemeteries, a hotel, a roller ring, movie theater, fire department, general store, post office, railway station and school.Coal mining grew in such importance that the community was incorporated as a town in 1919, a status that it maintained until 1949, when the decline of local coal mines resulted in out migration and economic decline.Coal mined at Joggins during the first decades of the 20th century primarily fed two electrical generating stations near Maccan, however these plants were outdated by the 1950s and the mines closed shortly after the Springhill Mining Disaster in 1958.

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